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Conover Asay CPAs, PLLC (“Conover Asay”) remains committed to the industries and clientele for which we have become trusted business advisers and are dedicated to continue servicing our valued clients seamlessly. Conover Asay has 50 years of combined accounting experience resulting in mutual values, formidable work ethic and a collective vision for the future. Unlike most CPA firms, however, Conover Asay strives to create a unique and personalized service model for every client.

We understand that people are busy and things come up. Sometimes a small question with a quick answer is all you need. That’s why Conover Asay is modeling our new firm on the ‘Concierge Concept'. Every client has access to our cell phone numbers so they can call or text anytime and get a quicker response from us.

Conover Asay’s innovative Concierge approach will offer additional complimentary services to provide you maximum value, including unlimited free 15-minute phone calls to our clients at all times. If you have a question during the year or are planning a transaction and want to know what effect it would have on your tax returns or financial statements, you can call us without incurring additional fees. In addition, we are available for regular meetings with company management (and any other business associates) at no charge, to discuss business tax goals and strategies. We want to be part of your team, so you don’t have to worry that every time you pick up the phone we’ll be sending you a bill. We are definitely not your typical CPA firm!

Conover Asay wants to be your trusted business adviser and not just a financial historian. We have streamlined our internal process to maximize efficiencies and provide these additional services to you with a more competitive fee structure and much more direct access to the partners than you may have been used to at other firms.

To experience our Concierge approach and see how Conover Asay can help you successfully meet your goals, please feel free to contact either of us at any time.

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  • Phone: (480) 500-6333


You can also send us a message directly through the contact page of this website.